Welcome To Mission-Net

Mission-Net is …..

……. A biannual congress

……. A movement among young European Christians

It is therefore primarily made for people aged between 16-30 who are willing to consider a Christian missional lifestyle, to encourage a responsible, socially engaged lifestyle as Christians in every aspect of life. This can be expressed in becoming involved in various areas of public life globally and locally.

The Mission-Net network currently extends to about 1,5 million young Christians across Europe. It is commissioned by the European Evangelical Missionary Association and European Evangelical Alliance.

Together we as the young European generation want to Transform our World.

TRANSFORMING – as Christians we want to display God´s transforming power in society, through the credible witness of our public and private lives

OUR – it is not about individualism but about doing it together. As we act in this way, we model to the world the unity of the Christian Community

WORLD – it starts where we live, but a missional lifestyle goes beyond my neighbourhood, to my country, my continent


We therefore work through European youth mission congresses and national movements.

At the congresses we show practical ways to be active citizens and demonstrate God’s love. The young participants are encouraged to write letters to governments, collect food for local social ministries and donate money to various mission projects across the world. During each congress we also have an afternoon serving the city in cooperation with local churches.

After the congresses, people are encouraged to join short-term volunteer service trips in various European nations and beyond to put into practice what they had learned at the congress.

So far, we had 4 Mission-Net Congresses:

In April 8-13, 2009, the first Mission-Net congress was held with about 2600 young people from 47 different European nations in a city called Oldenburg (near Bremen), Germany. Our theme was “For heaven´s sake”.

The following Mission-Net congress was held over the New Year 2011/12 in Erfurt, Germany, with 2600 youngsters from 35 European nations. We talked about what transforming our lives means.

Two years later over New Year 2013/14 the third Mission-Net Congress took place in Offenburg, Germany. The 3000 participants from about 50 European countries and beyond had the possibility to be encouraged and challenged by various European speakers, gain deeper knowledge of a specific topic in over 80 different seminars or be part of a community festival organized in downtown Offenburg. The slogan was “work in progress“.

Another two years later the fourth Mission-Net Congress was held again in Offenburg, Germany. More than 2100 young Europeans from 49 mainly European nations met to get connected – connected to God, connected to the world and connected to one another. This congress was a place where young people from all over Europe could connect with each other to share their dreams, the difficulties and their experiences. They could also connect with the many missionaries, Bible college teachers and artistes. But the greatest desire was that the young generation would connect with God. Whether through prayer, praise and worship, dancing, through the arts, through interviews and especially through studying God’s word together they were provided the widest array of opportunities to connect with God.

In the time between the congresses, the participants are encouraged to get involved in Christian networks at the local and national levels. Many young participants leave the Mission-Net congress with a totally fresh look at their place in society. Our hope is to see this experience repeated and multiplied in the coming years. We love to see thousands of young people putting their God given dreams into action and transform our world.