One man stood up against evil – What a privilege to meet up with Prof Dr. Mukesh Kapila


We had the awesome privilege of meeting up with Professor Dr. Mukesh Kapila at the MIA conference 2015 in Pretoria, South Africa.

An Indian man, now living in England and Switzerland, witnessed the first genocide in the 21 century. As a former Ambassador of the United Nations (UN) in Sudan, Mukesh hold a great position. It seemed life was treating him well.

But one day he could no longer bear the pain he witnessed, and spoke up! One man raised his voice to battle the first genocide in the 21st century, and was willing to pay the price for this! We were shocked, shaken and so challenged!

What Mukesh had witnessed in the genocide in Ruanda 20 years ago was horrible. Not overnight but within 2 months he turned completely grey. The misery he was exposed to tormented him many weeks and months. How could people do this to each other?

Years later in 2003 he was asked to run the operations for the UN in Sudan. He came to the realization that something went completely wrong again. Village after village were extinguished. Cleansing took place. A genocide in the 21 century? As he observed, shared, challenged, no one seemed to listen to him.

One afternoon in a Café in Kenya, he took the risk to inform the world about what is happening in Darfur. One voice! One man! One fury!


This it what it took to stand up against evil. Mukesh paid a prize for this, as he lost his job in the UN, but so many doors (later) opened for him. He did not know what will happen next, but he knew that he had to stand up!

Am I willing to pay the prize? Am I willing to stand up against evil even if no one around me will? His story gripped us and we had the massive opportunity not only to listen to him while he shared his heart and anguish with us at the MIA conference, but we also enjoyed a late night drink with him, chilling and interacting.

Mukesh Kapila and MN group July2015

I guess, his story is not easily forgotten. May it challenge us in Europe as well!

Do get a copy of his gripping book:

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